“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” 
Mother Teresa

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Bridal Mehndi is a wonderful way to celebrate your big day! Rayna offers traditional and modern designs in her unique styles. Reflecting traditional intricate patterns to moderns florals, jewelry and geometric styles.  

  Rayna Art + Co  hire out extra help if you're wanting more artists available or are needing a shorter time frame.  Do not hire or provide another artist or relative  or other unsafe materials to help with any adornment, as Rayna strictly uses safe natural henna. Rayna has a list of professionals to hire out if extra henna is needed. may choose to decline your request if you use unsafe products, or provide another artist using unsafe products. 

What is Bridal Mehndi for?  Traditionally Bridal Mehndi is reflected in many different cultures. In most all cultures it's a sign of blessings, good fortune and a beautiful way to decorate the body. Based on different regions and religions patterns and symbols can vary.  

And who is it for ?  Mehndi is for EVERYONE!  Rayna truly believes in blessings for ALL.

Packages are based on a single person.  If you are needing more than a single bride or groom package shoot over an email!  directly at

***Bookings  should be made 6 months to 1-2 years in advance.***  Like any service, it's best to not wait until the last minute, as your date already may be booked*** Although you can book you're Bridal Package without payment for the appointment and add on features. TRAVEL FEE MUST BE PAID after booking and is NON- REFUNDABLE.  50% of your Please respect that others clients may have needed to book that date and as a small business keep a very tight budget to keep costs affordable and payment options easier for everyone!   Please see BOOK tab for details on pricing and the hours it will take.  Plan accordingly ( or refer to your planner) as we can not shorten our time because of improper planning. Beautiful freehand art requires time and attention for a professional experience.  

There are no hidden costs.   All pricing is listed up front and is non negotiable as this is Rayna's full-time career.  Travel Fees are listed under the Travel tab.  Consultations can be booked, but are not required.

******BOOKING is super easy online and is the fastest way to secure your date******

Only  A Limited  Amount of Bridal Bookings are Available Per Year! 

  If you have any questions that can't be answered through the website, please feel free send an email to

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Modern Bride

Modern Bridal work is beautiful. Rayna loves creating wildflower patterns, intricate lace and edgy geometric styles to fit your personality and special day! Please see previous sections to learn about options, pre-care and aftercare and when to book the appointment!  If you're wanting to book even a simpler package of designs consider choosing a regular appointment, with add on options.  Always plan to book 2-3 days in advance to the Ceremony date or the day professional photos will be taken. This will ensure you're stain has fully progressed.

Traditional Brides

Traditional Bridal work is an art in itself.  Natural Henna is only available for this type of  intricate work. Rayna can apply any style such as wildflowers, other florals, jewelry, or traditional Indian patterns to this type of full coverage.  Extending over the top of the hand up to the elbow. Circling around to the under the arm and up onto the palms of each side.  Including the tops of the feet and up to the mid shin ( does not wrap around).  Taking breaks is often needed for both,  and it's best to have at least one other person available to help with drinks, food or bathroom breaks.  Traditional work is a WHOLE DAY!  It's best to consider this a day to relax and relieve yourself of too many things going on. Binge on a little netflix before the party starts!  Always plan to book 2-3 days in advance to the Ceremony date or the day professional photos will be taken. This will ensure you're stain has fully progressed. 



All Inclusive Traditional Bridal Package | NATURAL HENNA ONLY

Rayna loves to travel! This is ideal for clients outside of Des Moines, Midwest and USA. This ensures Rayna will be on location nearby for 3-4 days. 

  To make things as easy as possible, this package includes everything you could need for your special day! ( Add- ons for two brides, or grooms available, as  Rayna will hire  a second artist or an additional day may be needed) 
- Full Traditional Bridal Mehndi (8-10) Hours ( One Day )
- Full Bridal Party ( Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Attendants, Aunties ect.) 
- Reception Small Designs for Guests ( first come first serve style, up to 4 hours)  
***All Travel Fees Apply *** Unless a flight price increases drastically. **  Because of booking immediately afterwards, refunds will not be issued after flights and accommodations are paid.

Email for package pricing + Inquiries at


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